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The New Digital Buying Journey in Foodservice

Foodservice has been racing to keep up with new digital demands in the food away from home experience. Consumers demand to know what’s in their food, what allergens are present, whether ingredients are locally sourced, and so much more.

This challenges companies who serve food away from home to think more digitally, starting with organizing food data, then operationalizing that data into menu boards, mobile apps, and 3rd party websites. 

What to Expect


Join Jason Gunn, from Galley Solutions, and guest host Mike Craig from Nutrislice for an engaging conversation about:

  • What consumers demand to know about your menu before they buy
  • How easy it is for consumers to access food data in the digital world
  • Why operators have to get organized now in order to stay relevant


Meet Your Host

galley - new buying experience

Michael Craig

Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder of Nutrislice, Michael Craig brings years of business building experience to the next level by partnering up with Brian Crapo to bring Nutrislice to life! Mike’s passion for foodservice stems from a desire to ensure people have access to nutritious meals when they experience food away from home. 

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